Conventual church

a church attached or belonging to a convent or monastery.
- Wordsworth.

See also: Conventual

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The conventual church of the Knights of Malta; splendour, history, and art of St.
Such was the decoration of the Strozzi Chapel in the prestigious and very central conventual church of Santa Trinita.
The foundation's latest production is this study of the baroque sculptures sent from Rome to adorn the conventual church of the Sovereign Military Order of St John in La Valletta, a shrine zealously devoted to the Order's patron saint, John the Baptist.
The altar in question, on which the reliquary was adored, is in the oratory of San Giovanni Decollato, adjacent to the conventual church, and in it is inserted a sublime gilt-bronze roundel of the same subject as Caravaggio's scene but made without any reference to it.
(90) In granting noblewomen prominent burial in the most holy place in the conventual church, that holiest part and, by extension, the convent as a whole, was marked as noble.
The article is presenting a cultural centre in Toledo, Spain, designed by Ignacio Mendaro Corsini Arquitecto, around the historical conventual church of San Marcos.
On the highest part of the rock on which the old city of Toledo is founded is the conventual church of San Marcos.