convergent plate boundary

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con·ver·gent plate boundary

A tectonic boundary where two plates are moving toward each other. If the two plates are of equal density, they usually push up against each other to form a mountain chain. If they are of unequal density, one plate usually sinks (subducts) beneath the other. Also called collision zone. See more at tectonic boundary. Compare divergent plate boundary.
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Locating at the boundary between the Philippine Sea Plate to the East and the Eurasian Plate to the West, the island of Taiwan was formed at a complex convergent boundary between the two plates, where Shake employs unique Taiwanese topography as a metaphor to represent the island's geopolitical history and present condition, using a mesmerizing depiction of tectonic plates, as well as archives, poems, and military songs sung in schools.
A smoothly convergent boundary was also observed; geometrical obstacles due to contraction caused accumulation of melt near contractions, leaving the boundary of the residual wall resembling the streamlines.