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tr.v. Chris·tian·ized, chris·tian·iz·ing, Chris·tian·iz·es
1. To take over or adapt in the name of Christianity: pagan monuments Christianized by early missionaries.
2. To convert to Christianity.

Chris′tian·i·za′tion (-chə-nĭ-zā′shən) n.
Chris′tian·iz′er n.
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Noun1.Christianization - conversion to Christianity
conversion - a change of religion; "his conversion to the Catholic faith"
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Many Muslims who converted to Christianity have been arrested in recent years in the days just before Christmas.
The rabbinical court based its opinion in part on a ruling by Israel's Supreme Court in 1992 that said a messianic Jewish couple from the United States could not move to the country under the Law of Return since they had converted to Christianity.
A LIVERPOOL Cathedral minister who converted to Christianity from Islam yesterday admitted: "The extremists can touch me.
He converted to Christianity and came out as gay while living in the Canadian city of Edmonton.
One of the great conversions of the Church was that of St Paul who was converted to Christianity by Jesus himself on the road to Damascus (Acts 9) as he was hunting down Christians to imprison or execute them.
David, who converted to Christianity aged 40, said: "I discovered a flawed, wonderful, simple fisherman who tried and tried to get his faith right.
The development came after scores of poor Hindus from Atia village in southern Bihar's Gaya district had converted to Christianity last week.
As many as 27 Hindus from five families in Kushinagar have reportedly converted to Christianity on Saturday.
In the early seventeenth century, Metoaka was famous for marrying Englishman John Rolfe after having converted to Christianity and was thereby "disinfected" of her Indian "heathenism.
Historians and other scholars of the Copts, Christianity, art and music tell the story of the ancient dwellers of the Nile Valley who converted to Christianity in the middle of the first century.
The book also demonstrates that it is no longer acceptable to argue that Nubia converted to Christianity because Silko, the last Pharaoh in the Nile Valley and the first Christian king of Nubia inaugurated the beginnings of Christianity in the Nile Valley and Sudanic civilization of ancient Nubia.
Summary: A woman who left her parents' house over mistreatment after she converted to Christianity was placed in the custody of Hezbollah's Shura Council member Sheikh Mohammad Yazbek Monday.