Cooch Behar

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Cooch Be·har

 (ko͞och′ bə-här′)
A former princely state of northeast India. Once a powerful part of Assam, it came under British rule in 1772.

Cooch Behar

(kuːtʃ bɪˈhɑː) or

Kuch Bihar

1. (Placename) a former state of NE India: part of West Bengal since 1950
2. (Placename) a city in India, in NE West Bengal: capital of the former state of Cooch Behar. Pop: 76 812 (2001)

Cooch Be•har

(ˌkutʃ bəˈhɑr)
a former state in NE India: now part of West Bengal.
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Tenders are invited for gap negotiation work at different places of entire cooch behar town by ms pipe line ( rising and distribution ) along with seven nos bridge for carrying of ms pipes within cooch behar municipality under uidssmt
Located about 50 km from Cooch Behar town, Mashaldanga is surrounded by gram panchayats like Najirhat, Shalmara, Divaltari and Garoljhora.