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A city of central England north of Leicester. Charles I raised his standard here in 1642, marking the beginning of the English Civil War. The city was historically a center for the manufacture of textiles, lace, and hosiery.


1. (Placename) a city in N central England, administrative centre of Nottinghamshire, on the River Trent: scene of the outbreak of the Civil War (1642); famous for its associations with the Robin Hood legend; two universities. Pop: 249 584 (2001)
2. (Placename) a unitary authority in N central England, in Nottinghamshire. Pop: 273 900 (2003 est). Area: 78 sq km (30 sq miles)


(ˈnɒt ɪŋ əm; U.S. often -ˌhæm)

1. a city in SW Nottinghamshire, in central England. 282,400.
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O'Hara Catholic Middle School Cookie Club, led by teacher Kris Kartub, donated $860 to Womenspace.
Cole Hardware in San Francisco maintains a cookie club for kids.
The scheme has spread from the United States and Canada and also goes under the names Women Helping Women, The Muffin Club and The Cookie Club.
Also going under the names of Women Helping Women, The Muffin Club and The Cookie Club, this scam has been rampant in the US and Canada.
The reward/service buttons include a Recipe of the Day, which is printed from the nearby HP DeskJet and given to the customer; a Homework helpdesk for insights about a call-in community service for parents and kids struggling with homework questions about virtually any subject, from algebra and biology to physics; and an in-store Cookie Club and Birthday Cake give-away, among others.
Rick Karp, president of Cole Hardware in San Francisco, started the Cole Hardware Cookie Club to encourage children to want to come to the store.
Biggest self-service sellers % of category sales from self-service Variety bread 84% Pies 83 White bread 83 Muffins/bagels/ croissants 82 Raised doughnuts 82 Cake doughnuts 81 Danish/sweet rolls 75 Cookies 74 Layer cakes 73 Rolls 73 Decorated cakes 71 Other 67 Custom-decorated cakes 47 Shopper services offered % Service reporting Cookie club 69% Wedding-cake consultation 61 Free coffee 58 Printed nutritional information 58 Customer-comment card 58 Pay for purchases at bakery counter 33 Fax ordering 17
The cookie club has been around for a long time, but bakery operators indicate that it has lost none of its appeal for the younger crowd.