Charlie Parker

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Noun1.Charlie Parker - United States saxophonist and leader of the bop style of jazz (1920-1955)
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In India skies were hot and blazing; this was of a deep cool blue which almost seemed to sparkle like the waters of some lovely bottomless lake, and here and there, high, high in the arched blueness floated small clouds of snow-white fleece.
In the cool blue twilight of two steep streets in Camden Town, the shop at the corner, a confectioner's, glowed like the butt of a cigar.
The muscari's cool blues peek out from under the golden trumpets narcissi tete a tete, providing an eye-catching colour contrast.
What doesn't go better with cool blues than hot BBQ
The cool blues and greys in the picture, both on the panelling and used in the flooring create a clean, crisp and open effect that looks elegant yet businesslike.
Cool blues Vary shapes Colour contrast Stir the senses with bright oranges and yellows next to deep, vivid purples Colour theme Red hot