Cooley's anemia

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Coo·ley's anemia

A usually fatal form of thalassemia in which normal hemoglobin is absent, characterized by severe anemia, enlargement of the heart, liver, and spleen, and skeletal deformation.

[After Thomas Benton Cooley (1871-1945), American physician.]
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Noun1.Cooley's anemia - a fatal form of homozygous thalassemia (inherited from both parents) in which there is no hemoglobin; skeletal deformations; heart and spleen and liver enlarged
Mediterranean anaemia, Mediterranean anemia, thalassaemia, thalassemia - an inherited form of anemia caused by faulty synthesis of hemoglobin
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[beta]-Thalassemia, also known as Cooley's anemia, most commonly stirring in South East Asia, Middle East and Mediterranean countries, is a genetic blood disorder characterized by reduced synthesis or complete absence of [beta]-hemoglobin; a component of red blood cells that carries oxygen around the body (Sidell and O'Brien, 2006).
New York, NY, June 07, 2018 --( The Cooley's Anemia Foundation today announced that Peter Chieco has been named its new National President.
In contrast, beta thalassemia major (Cooley's anemia) is caused by homozygous beta-zero mutations.
Cephalofacial deformities in thalassemia major (Cooley's anemia): A corrective study among 138 cases.
The other names of thalassemia are Mediterranean anemia and Cooley's anemia (after Thomas Cooley in 1925).
Beta thalassemia major is also called Cooley's anemia.
Turning blood red; the fight for life in Cooley's anemia.