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Noun1.Ceratophyllum - constituting the family Ceratophyllaceae: hornwortsCeratophyllum - constituting the family Ceratophyllaceae: hornworts
magnoliid dicot genus - genus of dicotyledonous flowering plants regarded as among the most primitive of extant angiosperms
Ceratophyllaceae, family Ceratophyllaceae - coextensive with the genus Ceratophyllum: hornworts
hornwort - any aquatic plant of the genus Ceratophyllum; forms submerged masses in ponds and slow-flowing streams
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Examining the stalks pulled up on a jig in Minnesota reveals northern milfoil, coontail, eelgrass, pondweed varieties, duckweed, and more.
Hatcher claims that herbicides ordered by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and sprayed by Applied Aquatics to control invasive species has been a disaster; that over-spraying has eradicated not only all the hydrilla, but 99 percent of all the native grasses, including eelgrass, peppergrass and coontail.
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The report listed coontail and white water lily as the dominant aquatic plant species.
Lead detoxification by coontail (Ceratophyllum demersum L.) involves induction of phytochelatins and antioxidant system in response to its accumulation.
Between 400 and 500 ringnecks, undoubtedly part of the mass exodus we'd seen earlier, were feeding contently on the coontail and other aquatic plants in the shallow 60-acre lake surrounded by woods, marsh grass and bogs.
The pond site (Martell Forest Pond) contained silt substrate and coontail (Ceratophyllum demersum), and the dominant fish species was green sunfish (Lepomis cyanellus).
Monopoly Marsh has clear water (i.e., secchi disc transparency [greater than or equal to] 35 cm) and is dominated by American Lotus (Nelumbo lutea), watershield (Brasenia schreberi), coontail (Ceratophyllum demersum), bald cypress (Taxodium distichum), yellow and white lily (Nymphea spp.), spatterdock (Nuphar spp.), and milfoils (Myriophyllum spp.) and has a mean depth of 1.5 m with a 2.5 m maximum depth at full pool.
No mosquito larvae composed the deeper water Nuphar-Nelumbo (cow-lily/American lotus) community, nor the deepest water Ceratophyllum (coontail moss) community.
The pond will be treated with the herbicide Sonar (fluridone) to curb the growth of the plants fanwort, watermilfoil and coontail.