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Noun1.Pseudemys - slidersPseudemys - sliders; red-bellied terrapin  
reptile genus - a genus of reptiles
Emydidae, family Emydidae - box and water turtles
Pseudemys rubriventris, red-bellied terrapin, red-bellied turtle, redbelly - freshwater turtle of Chesapeake Bay tributaries having red markings on the lower shell
Pseudemys scripta, yellow-bellied terrapin, slider - freshwater turtle of United States and South America; frequently raised commercially; some young sold as pets
cooter, Pseudemys concinna, river cooter - large river turtle of the southern United States and northern Mexico
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These included four bearded dragons, four corn snakes, three yellowbellied turtles, two river cooter turtles, a softshelled turtle and a green iguana.