Copper Age

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Cop′per Age`

a cultural period between the Neolithic and the Bronze ages, marked by the development and use of copper tools.
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There has been human activity in the area from the copper age -- 2.
This discovery could also lead to more clues about Copper Age connections across Europe, (https://www.
US researchers have discovered a large storage jar that predates advent of wine during the Copper Age (early 4th millennium BC).
The museum's artifacts date from the prehistoric copper age through contemporary times.
ABSTRACT: Antequera (Malaga) is home to one of the most important Neolithic and Copper Age megalithic landscapes in Europe, as proven by its recent declaration as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO on July 15,h 2016.
The Copper Age began after the Agricultural Revolution and is defined as the period of transition between the Neolithic and the Bronze Age.
The Copper Age represents a crucial period in human history during which the first forms of social complexity begin to develop; for this reason TraCTUs identified a context, as the Rome area (Italy), where numerous prehistoric clues, dated between the 4th and 3rd millennium BC, suggest the existence of social diversifications.
The find was able to add weight to one of archeology's burning questions on whether or not there was a British Copper Age.
The unique finds dated back to the Copper Age were discovered on the territory of the historical and cultural reserve Abiverd in the south of Turkmenistan, reports the state news agency of Turkmenistan.
12, and Masters of Fire: The Copper Age in the Holy Land, through Jan.
Otzi the Iceman's 5,300-year-old charcoal etchings resemble contemporary skin art about as much as a Copper Age fertility dance might resemble Balanchine's Theme and Variations.
As Burkitt himself said years later in reference to what, according to the notes that accompany his itinerary, was an intense but exhausting journey: "We recorded, traced and copied for publication scores of sites, mainly of the Copper Age.