Copper Age

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Cop′per Age`

a cultural period between the Neolithic and the Bronze ages, marked by the development and use of copper tools.
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The exhibition presents the results of joint scientific expeditions, more than a hundred exhibits of the Neolithic period, Copper Age and Bronze Age,Trend Life reported.
Co-author of the paper, Dr Andre Colonese, from the Department of Archaeology at the University of York, said: "The ornaments are associated with the Late Mesolithic, Late Neolithic and Copper Age cultures.
What Otzi the Iceman's tattoos reveal about Copper Age medical practices.
Once dated, these artifacts placed the age in which this individual lived at over 5000 years old, corresponding to the Chalcolithic period or Copper Age (Madespacher, 2008).
Archaeologists look at human bodies during the Neolithic period from such perspectives as both permeable and partible: exploring the body world of Early Neolithic southern Britain, life on the frontier: stress in early farming communities, articulating the disarticulated: human remains from the Early Neolithic of the eastern Fertile Crescent (eastern Iraq and western Iran), and stone bodies between social constructions and ontology: the Copper Age statues-menhirs from the central Alps.
Fifty-six million years ago, equids (the earliest form of horse) walked the earth and beginning with the first-known horse-keepers of the Copper Age, the horse has played an integral part in human history.
There has been human activity in the area from the copper age -- 2.500 BC -- to-date, he said.
This discovery could also lead to more clues about Copper Age connections across Europe, ( Live Science reported.
US researchers have discovered a large storage jar that predates advent of wine during the Copper Age (early 4th millennium BC).
He belonged to the Copper Age -- a period in human history between the Stone Age and Bronze Age when copper was used for making tools.
The museum's artifacts date from the prehistoric copper age through contemporary times.
The Copper Age began after the Agricultural Revolution and is defined as the period of transition between the Neolithic and the Bronze Age.