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Noun1.copperplate engraving - an engraving consisting of a smooth plate of copper that has been etched or engraved
engraving - a block or plate or other hard surface that has been engraved
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Ebru paintings are dotted in the public areas, bringing to life Venice's history of introducing the marbleized papers into their famed repertory of woodblock prints, copperplate engraving and book leather binding.
Copperplate engraving. Courtesy Wellcome Collection.
Dennie had experimented with inserting a copperplate engraving in 1806, but the inclusion of two engraved illustrations for each issue did not become standard until Port Folio became a monthly publication in January 1809.
After eight years of observing and drawing the Moon, Patigny produced an elegant copperplate engraving for the Great Map: it is 55 cm wide and 56.3 cm high, with the Moon an impressive 53 cm in diameter.
The author contends that these engravings defined the nature of Western civilization by producing an image of the "savage other," and examines how the tools, materials, and techniques of copperplate engraving shaped Western responses to indigenous peoples.
Penn is a renowned printmaker who specialises in the skill of copperplate engraving. Her subject matter is as diverse as the media in which she chooses to work.
The word "chalcography" (derived from the Greek for "writing on copper") refers to copperplate engraving and the place where plates engraved in this way are kept.
Vasari's notice, and her father's courtly skills - passed to his daughter along with the carefully polished techniques of copperplate engraving - allowed possibilities for Diana's participation in the world of artists and artisans at a time when the distinction between the two worlds would become more practical and precise.
Of how pen-and-ink drawings of plants gathered from the colony (Malabar) interacted with print technology of copperplate engraving in Dutch metropoles.
This was also the century that saw the rise of the professional engraver, aided by the development of copperplate engraving, which is the technique used for these two prints.
The "MMI" is printed by means of copperplate engraving. Unlike lithography-which is a relatively modern technique used to produce several other historical maps of India--copperplate engraving is a labour--intensive and meticulous process where the engraver cuts into the copperplate a mirror image of the matter to be printed.