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The three-day visit, which was funded and organized by EUPOL COPPS in cooperation with the Swedish Prosecution Authority and the Swedish National Courts Administration, was part of the Mission[euro]AaAaAeA AaAaAeAa[sup.
EUPOL COPPS is a part of wider EU efforts in support of Palestinian state building in the context of working towards a comprehensive resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict based on a two-state solution.
The leaders of the Palestinian UNOPS police branch were also present, together with representatives from EUPOLL COPPS and the Consul General of Italy in Jerusalem, Luciano Pezzotti.
Scope of the work will be framework contract for the provision of security guarding services for EUPOL COPPS, at different premises in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.
COPPS researchers found that 56 percent of households gave donations in each of the three years.
Full integration of the COPPS philosophy and an overall commitment to finding ways to work smarter, rather than harder, has resulted in an efficiently run department.
Meanwhile, a delegation of Palestinian Anti-Corruption Commission (PACC) and Palestinian Civil Police concluded on Friday a five-day study visit to Germany facilitated by EUPOL COPPS for police-prosecution cooperation, with a particular focus on corruption crimes.
This will help them to discover new ways to contribute to a safer and stable Palestine, in accordance with all Human Rights standards" said Rodolphe Mauget, Head of EUPOL COPPS Mission.
COPPS survey data allows examination of giving and other demographic characteristics of the same households at the same time.
However, because of their groundbreaking nature, they could only hint at the strategic issues involved in maintaining a problem-solving posture after the initial COPPS interventions had taken place.
The study trip, facilitated by the EUPOL COPPS, the Palestinian judges and prosecutors got an opportunity to exchange experiences in the area of judicial inspection with their Romanian counterparts.
The police mission provided by EUPOL COPPS is to be kept in place for another year until 30 June 2016.