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Noun1.Coprinus - genus of black-spotted agarics in which the cap breaks down at maturity into an inky fluidCoprinus - genus of black-spotted agarics in which the cap breaks down at maturity into an inky fluid; sometimes placed in its own family Coprinaceae
fungus genus - includes lichen genera
Agaricaceae, family Agaricaceae - large family including many familiar mushrooms
Coprinus atramentarius, inky cap, inky-cap mushroom - having a cap that melts into an inky fluid after spores have matured
Coprinus comatus, shaggy cap, shaggymane, shaggymane mushroom - common edible mushroom having an elongated shaggy white cap and black spores
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Coprinus littoralis G Moreno, Carlavilla, Heykoop, Manjon, A.
The SP3 was identified as Coprinus aureogranulatus with a sequence similarity of 100% (GQ249274.
The council say although people might see the the fly agaric on the walk they're poisonous, and safe species to look out for include puffball, coprinus comatus or jelly ear mushrooms.
Coprinus comatus (shaggy ink cap or shaggy mane), to be precise.
Utilization of brown seaweeds Sargassum species organic supplement in grass basal substrate to enhance yield of edible Coprinus cinereus (schaeff) S.
2+] and aromatic compounds on the production of laccase isoforms by Coprinus comatus.
Rolfe note that many species in the genus Coprinus 'erect their caps, fructify, and deliquesce into a collapsed, black and semi-liquid mass, popularly regarded as a "horrible putrescence.
Coprinus comatus and Ganoderma lucidum interfere with androgen receptor function in LNCaP prostate cancer cells.
The three negative controls contained DNA from Coprinus comatus, lack primers, or lack Taq polymerase.