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A product produced together with another product.
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a joint product
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(ˈkoʊˌprɒd əkt, -ʌkt)

something produced jointly with another product.
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The plant will produce low-carbon ethanol targeted for the higher-margin California market and several higher-value coproducts.
On June 5, the second day of the SteelKorea 2019, the Korean Institute of Metals and Materials hosted 'Steel Technology Symposium.' The Symposium addressed the key topics of the industry, including government policy on steel industry coproducts and technologies that can utilize a large quantity of steel slags.
The present paper deals with the question of the existence of products and coproducts of objects in the category S(B).
In 2017, Aramco began design of a project to utilise crude C4 from Sadara to produce butadiene and related coproducts such as MTBE and high purity isobutylene as feedstock for Arlanxeo for a planned elastomers plant to be located in Saudi Arabia.
Phosphorus digestibility and concentration of digestible and metabolizable energy in corn, corn coproducts, and bakery meal fed to growing pigs.
Genarex FD LLC is focussed on refining low-cost renewable feedstocks into functional biofillers for use in value-added plastics applications, with an emphasis on converting corn ethanol coproducts due to the large volumes, low costs as compared to conventional feedstocks, and high post-conversion values.
JVCo's rights cover a series of patents granted to GreenShift's wholly-owned subsidiary, GS CleanTech, involving the extraction of oil from corn ethanol coproducts. Some of those patents are the subject of litigation which CleanTech has asserted against about 10% of the industry alleging infringing use since 2010.
Williams [169] evaluated the potential of agriculturally derived lignin-containing ethanol coproducts for use as antioxidant in asphalt binder.
The wood product LCAs in this special issue follow the allocation rule described in the NA PCR, which states that when the total revenue difference between the main product and coproducts is more than 10 percent, allocation shall be based on the revenue (economic) allocation.
Then the coproducts of the elements [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] are:
Raianu, "Crossed coproducts and cleft coextensions," Communications in Algebra, vol.