copy protection

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copy protection

Any of various methods to prevent unauthorized copying of copyrighted material on electronic media, usually by making it impossible to access the content of any of the copies.

cop′y-pro·tect′ v.

cop′y protec`tion

a method of preventing users of a computer program from making unauthorized copies, usu. through hidden instructions contained in the program code.
cop′y-protect`ed, adj.
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The new idea is to make those different sectors work together to achieve an unprecedented level of copy-protection.
1, designed to upgrade its CD/DVD-ROM copy-protection against hacking and unauthorised copying of protected titles.
Macrovision's copy-protection technology is incorporated within each digital set-top box deployed by General Dynamics capable of viewing VOD programming.
SunnComm's copy-protection technology was commercially released by Music City records in 2001 and became America's first copy-protected audio CD.
Consequently, he has developed strong relationships and in-depth knowledge of many industry players, including Macrovision Corporation, TTR's marketing partner for its SAFEAUDIO(TM) audio-CD copy-protection product.