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1. (Law) copyright
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The international copyright symbol is included on the front and the back of the [pounds sterling]10 note, around the edge of the watermark area.
New possibilities for text watermark like script, copyright symbol and info stamp are also available.
The copyright symbol means intellectual rights are reserved and that the work of the author cannot be copied, published, distributed or translated without prior permission.
The respondents said they understood the concept of information literacy "in finding, evaluating and using information," but nearly half (46%) of the students admitted that they searched for a copyright symbol to verify the accuracy of a source, and more than half said they were not familiar with "the purpose and basic characteristics of scholarly journals.
The Intellectual Property Office says, as well as marking work with the copyright symbol and the year of creation, another step to provide evidence that you had the work at a particular time is to post a copy to yourself by special delivery, leaving the envelope unopened on its return.
A photo or other piece of intellectual property doesn't need to be accompanied by a copyright symbol (a "c" within a circle) to have copyright protection.
A photo or other piece of intellectual property does not need to be accompanied by a copyright symbol ([c]) to have copyright protection.
A digital copyright symbol would be a gateway and a marker for any person or machine concerning all essential information.
Any published material inherently has legal rights and you don't have to put the copyright symbol ((c)) on it, Schacht said.
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