Coral animal

(Zool.) one of the polyps by which corals are formed. They are often very erroneously called coral insects.

See also: Coral

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Within each of these dozens of teacups lives the individual coral animal, Muller tells me, a polyp that extends itself at night to feed on nutrients in the water.
Where the Crown of Thorns is uncontrolled, the reef is gradually destroyed, as the starfish predates the living coral animal leaving a bleached and lifeless reef.
The coral animal and the associated zooxanthellae depend on each other for survival in a symbiotic relationship, where the coral supplies the algae with nutrients and a place to live.
40 Haydock 1pt win at 14-1 with Coral Animal Kingdom 11.
Estimating the daily contribution of carbon from zooxanthellac to coral animal respiration.
The coral animal (a sedentary relative of jellyfish) takes advantage of the abundant sunlight in the clear waters by harnessing microscopic algae.
The tissue slurry was homogenized and centrifuged (850 x g, 15 min, 4 [degrees] C) to separate the coral animal fraction (supernatant) from the zooxanthellae (pellet).
Some coral animals, and their symbiotic algae, are loaded with fluorescent proteins that absorb incoming light, then spit it back out by glowing.
These tiny organisms live in harmony with coral animals, and they basically share resources.
In this first show, he descends in a submersible to see the tiny coral animals which helped build the reef.
By embodying the coral reef, they grasped the ways in which coral animals can survive.
Coral reefs are built up of thousands of small coral animals that live in a large colony which forms a common limestone skeleton.