Coral fish

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Cor´al fish`

1.(Zool.) Any bright-colored fish of the genera Chætodon, Pomacentrus, Apogon, and related genera, which live among reef corals.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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In the Museum of Extinct Animals, a real yet fantastical place presented by Dutch furniture brand Moooi during this year's Salone del Mobile, visitors are transported to bygone eras when improbable creatures like the blushing sloth (bradipus tridactylus rubesco), bearded leopard (pantherapardus barbitium), and flying coral fish (exocoetidae coralium) wandered the earth.
Swimming along the shallow reef, on one side it's teeming with multitudes of coral fish and carpeted with a tremendous diversity of colourful hard and soft corals.
The lagoon is home to a variety of fish such as coral fish, trevally, grouper, snapper, and tuna.
They have now disappeared, making way for seaweed turfs, corals, and coral fish, most commonly found in tropical and subtropical waters- preventing the kelp from growing again.
Angling coach Jamie Hughes, 32, from Bebington, is one of 16 finalists in Coral Fish O'Mania competing for the PS30,000 winner's prize - and is hoping to become only the second angler to win the competition twice.
Haloul island showcases spectacular views with hills rising to 190ft and its coral reefs and beautiful shoals of coral fish, ideal for scuba divers to explore and observe marine life.
"With neighbours such as sea turtles, clown fish, giant groupers, coral fish and majestic whale sharks, it is our duty to place serious importance on the natural environment.
At the end of the marine illustrations is a convenient, accurate guide to identify the myriad species of coral fish and life forms.
Nick and FC prepared sandwiches and we fished for smaller coral fish and did some snorkelling - it was paradise.
The brightly-coloured tanks, named after the Finding Nemo animation film, now have coral towers with plenty of nooks and crannies for a new species of coral fish to explore.
Caption(s): Prima Donna's Classique collection / Leandra from Abbiamo Tutto / Metro bowl from Peggy Karr Glass / Candles from Gien / Jaune de Chrome's Cream Scale / Above: Coral Fish from Herend / Left: Moser's Grace vases / Godinger's Moderne flatware / Jonathan Adler completer set from The Zrike Co.