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n.1.A basket used in coal mines, etc. see Corf.
2.(Arch.) An ornament in a building; a corbel.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"I figured out if I wanted to see Corb Lund play here, I'd have to do it myself," Beasley told the audience.
By lunch time Mr B, sitting next to Corb in hospital, was starting to feel ill also.
The structure is a bit tedious during the exposition even as the author attempts to establish setting, provide the mindset of youth who saw the trip as an adventure, and allow for a fresh look at similar events and circumstances from three different vantage points: Ken and Bess, CORB participants, and Sonia, the daughter of a fee-paying customer.
Since forming in 2004 they have supported many great artists including Eve Selis, Deadstring Brothers, Corb Lund, Luke Doucet and The Wailin' Jennys.
Corb visited the city in 1935, writes Koolhaas, 'to kill the sparkle of Manhattan's modernity' before he could attempt to deliver his version of a Machine Age city.
The Corb Mari bird is unique to the island of Menorca Villa S'Ullastre at Cala'n'Bosch, Menorca
"We took some pictures, made a plan and left the moose at around 9 p.m.," said Corb. "We knew we'd have to move quickly to save the meat.
As Mike Corb, of Burt Hill, one of the education design specialists we spoke to for this issue, puts it: "An additional responsibility when designing for kindergarteners is acknowledging that they are at the beginning of a life long journey of learning."
His work has been featured on a myriad of labels over the years including releases on Swedish imprints such as Drumcode, Code Red, Truesoul, Jericho and Corb.
Entosthodon Murcia Cartagena-Los hungaricus (Boros) Urrutias Loeske Gigaspermum Almeria El Romeral mouretii Corb. Sa del Cabo de Gata Cabo de Gata, Pozo del Fraile-Los Escullos Hygrohypnum molle Guadalajara Alcarria, Fuente de (Hedw.) Loeske Trijueque Isothecium Malaga Sierra Bermeja de algarvicum Estepona W.E.Nicholson & Dixon Ptilium Lerida Bohi, Ribera de Sant cristacastrensis Nicolau (Hedw.) De Not.
Longtime record exec and former Daily Variety music editor Joseph Corbett (Corb) Donohue Jr.
A course development team of nine affordable housing management experts who hold CPM and HCCP designations, chaired by Bruce Corb, CPM, HCCP has been appointed to spearhead this project.