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the internet domain name for
(Computer Science) a commercial company


(Computer Science)
a. a process in which a computer output is converted direct to microfiche or film, esp 35 or 16 millimetre film
b. (as modifier): a COM machine.
[(C)omputer (O)utput on (M)icrofilm]



Comedy Central (a cable television channel).


a prefix occurring in loanwords from Latin, where it and its variants meant “with,” “together with,” and denoted joint or simultaneous action ( colloquy; confer; convene), partnership ( colleague), union ( coitus; colleat; combine), or enclosure (content), or marked the completed nature of the action of a verb (conclude; confection); com- is used before b, p, m (combine; compare; commingle).
For variants before other sounds, see co-, col-1, con-, cor-.
[< Latin cum with]


1. Commander.
2. Commission.
3. Commissioner.
4. Committee.
5. Commodore.
6. Commonwealth.


1. comedy.
2. comma.
3. command.
4. commander.
5. commerce.
6. commercial.
7. commission.
8. commissioner.
9. committee.
10. common.
11. commonly.
12. communications.
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OpenFusion RTOrb Java(TM) Edition is based on a product core that has been tried and tested in demanding applications in both the military, telecommunication and commercial sectors, its architecture supports full CORBA operations.
CORBA standardizes the interoperability, and Real-time CORBA defines the deterministic execution platform that these systems need, but the full versions of these specifications were designed for a resource-rich, dynamic environment.
CORBA, an open standard for communicating between distributed software modules across networks, is widely used in distributed computing systems and powers some of the world's most critical software systems, from global telecommunications networks to national stock exchanges and defense systems.
Based on a product core that has been tried and tested in demanding applications in both the military and commercial sectors, its architecture supports full CORBA operations.
Headquartered in Paris, France, Top Graph'X has a very high reputation for the quality of its CORBA skills particularly within the French speaking markets.
IONA is committed to helping its customers further develop and extend their CORBA investments and drive new value from existing systems," said Peter Zotto, CEO, IONA Technologies.
Organizations have made tremendous investments in CORBA and are continuously seeking ways to ensure they are yielding the greatest returns from those investments.
Today at the OMG(TM)'s Real-time and Embedded Systems Workshop, PrismTech a leading provider of productivity tools and middleware, announced the new version of its real-time and embedded CORBA product suite, OpenFusion e*ORB SDR.
Our enterprise customers consider CORBA a critical component of their IT infrastructures, and as such, it is the very integration fiber of some of the world's largest telecommunications exchanges and global banking systems," explained Peter Zotto, CEO, IONA Technologies.