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Noun1.Cordell Hull - United States diplomat who did the groundwork for creating the United Nations (1871-1955)Cordell Hull - United States diplomat who did the groundwork for creating the United Nations (1871-1955)
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Yet, Roosevelt and Secretary of State Cordell Hull left these restrictions riddled with loopholes.
13, 2019 file photo, Matthew Charles joins a news conference at the Cordell Hull building in Nashville advocating for Tennessee legislation to make it easier for some felons to get their voting rights restored.
Under Cordell Hull, the trade liberalization and expansion guru, U.S.
According to Malone, "It was the year to which may be traced the first concrete evidence that there was a pincers, and that it had jaws." At the insistence of then-Secretary of State Cordell Hull, Congress agreed to "abdicate" its constitutional tariff power to the executive branch.
As a result, when President Franklin Roosevelt came to office in 1933, he brought with him a free trade advocate, Cordell Hull, as his Secretary of State.
Secretary of State Cordell Hull on November 26, 1941.
Instead, he asked Hoover to return to the White House the following day with Secretary of State Cordell Hull.
(10) Cordell Hull (D., Tenn.), the young member of the House Ways and Means Committee who single-handedly prepared the first draft of the 1913 income tax statute, explained that he had chosen to draft a concise income tax bill in the expectation that Treasury would later fill in the details.
As our legislators are busy readying themselves for the new session, they also are undergoing a major move from the familiar Legislative Plaza on 6th Ave North, to new legislative offices located in the renovated Cordell Hull Building located on 5th Ave North.
Very quickly, the British and Soviets realized Stettinius was merely a figurehead and that the real leader of the conference was Russian-born US economist Leo Pasvolsky, personal assistant of Secretary of State Cordell Hull. In 1945, Hull would receive the Nobel Peace Prize for his role in the foundation of the United Nations, but the honor rightly belonged to Pasvolsky.
Secretary of State Cordell Hull were attempting to reconcile the two nations' positions in a vain attempt to prevent eruption of a war.