Cordillera Central

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Cor·dil·le·ra Cen·tral

 (kôr′dĭl-yĕr′ə sĕn-träl′, -dē-yĕ′rä)
1. A discontinuous series of mountain ranges in the northern Andes between the Cordillera Occidental and the Cordillera Oriental.
2. A mountain range of central Dominican Republic.
3. A mountain range of northern Luzon, Philippines.
4. A mountain range of south-central Puerto Rico.
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Cor•di•lle•ra Cen•tral

(ˌkɔr ðiˈyɛ rɑ sɛnˈtrɑl)
1. a mountain range in Colombia: part of the Andes. Highest peak, Huila, 18,700 ft. (5700 m).
2. a mountain range in the Dominican Republic. Highest peak, 10,414 ft. (3174 m).
3. a mountain range in N Peru, E of the Marañón River: part of the Andes.
4. a mountain range in Luzon, Philippines. Highest peak, 9606 ft. (2928 m).
5. a mountain range in central Puerto Rico. Highest peak, 4389 ft. (1338 m).
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GOMEZ-HOYOS et al., (2012) made the first report of myasis in frogs from the Cordillera Central of Colombia, in which an individual of Pristimantis thectopternus (LYNCH, 1965) was parasitized by a larvae of a Sarcophagid species.
The Philippine Lily is an endangered flower that thrives only in the high altitudes of the Cordillera Central Mountains while the Ilang-Ilang of Luzon is treasured for its striking splendor and exceptionally delicate scent.
In the province of Nueva Vizcaya, its western tip to form the Caraballo Mountains, with which it connects with the Cordillera Central range.
La cordillera Central penetra como una prolongacion septentrional de la cordillera Real de Ecuador y constituye la divisoria entre los drenajes del oceano Atlantico y del oceano Pacifico.
During the encounter, Domingo Abreu Collado, a member of the Dominican Republic's Asamblea Nacional Ambiental (ANA), told local community media that there is a geological formation along the island known as the central mountain range or cordillera central that comprises 20% of its entire territory where around 30 large mining companies are searching for gold, silver, and copper and are seeking to obtain mining licenses from the government.
CORDILLERA CENTRAL, PUERTO RICO -- Fifteen years after Hurricane George nearly destroyed three centuries of coffee growing on the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico (a USA territory), Cafe Zumbador is launching a campaign to place its beans at the top of the elite coffees of the specialty world.