Cordillera Occidental

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Cordillera Oc·ci·den·tal

 (ŏk′sĭ-dĕn-täl′, ōk′sē-)
A discontinuous series of mountain ranges in the Andes lying parallel to the western coast of South America and extending from western Bolivia to northern Colombia. Its highest elevation is Huascarán, 6,746 m (22,133 ft), in western Peru.

Cor•di•lle•ra Oc•ci•den•tal

(ˌkɔr ðiˈyɛ rɑ ˌɔk si ðɛnˈtɑl)
the W coastal ranges of the Andes, in Peru and Colombia.
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Caldas: Santa Cecilia, Cordillera Occidental, Fatama, vertiente occidental, 800 m, 5[degrees]03'S, 75[degrees]39'W, 25 Nov 1945, von Sneidern 5024 (F).
Finally at the west of the Arquia Complex limited by Cauca--Almaguer or Romeral Fault, volcanic rocks has present together Mesozoic basic and ultrabasics complex in tectonic contact with Meso-Cenozoic marine sediment intercalations that represent the denominated Provincia Litosferica Oceanica de la Cordillera Occidental (PLOCO) and Dagua Structural Complex (Nivia, 1996).
The Cordillera Occidental (west), Central, and Oriental (east) are part of which larger mountain chain?
This bat has been reported in southwestern Colombia from the vicinity of Pance (type locality) and three other localities in the Cordillera Occidental, two localities in the Cordillera Central, and one additional record from the Cordillera Oriental.
A new species, Pityrogramma opalescens, is described; it is known only from Cerro del Torra, an isolated mountain peak in the Cordillera Occidental of Colombia, which is a region of high diversity and endemism.