Cordillera Real

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Cordillera Re·al

A range of the Andes in the Cordillera Oriental of western Bolivia, rising to 6,439 m (21,125 ft) at Illimani.

Cor•di•lle•ra Re•al

(ˌkɔr ðiˈyɛ rɑ rɛˈɑl)
1. a range of the Andes, in Bolivia. Highest peak, Illimani, 21,201 ft. (6462 m).
2. a range of the Andes, in Ecuador. Highest peak, Chimborazo, 20,561 ft. (6267 m).
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AAI Field Testing indicates SteriPEN Freedom was tested over a 30-day period during which it purified water in La Paz and the Cordillera Real, Bolivia.
Bolivia boasts the soaring peaks of the Cordillera Real, the mesmerizing salt flats of Uyuni, the steamy jungles of the Amazon, Basin and the wildlife-rich grasslands of the Southeast.
Its oblique convergence of the Nazca plate and Carnegie ridge to the south produced the successive rising of the Cordillera Occidental in Colombia and the final ascent of the Cordillera Real in Ecuador (Spikings et al.
Nestled high in the Andes of Peru between two imposing mountain chains, Cordillera Real and Cordillera Blanca, sits the majestic Lake Titicaca.
It is hard to exaggerate Potosi: the source of half of Spanish American silver (and hence of a good deal of the world's new silver) between 1550 and 1650; a city of well over 100,000 by 1600; a place isolated, 4000 meters above sea level, in the Cordillera Real of the Andes, well east of the altiplano of what is now Bolivia; a market, despite its inaccessibility, that was the destination of goods from distant regions of South America, Europe, and east Asia; the source, because of the assumed maltreatment of native miners there, of deep criticism of Spain by its European rivals--but a source, also, of deep and lasting envy among those powers.
In the Cordillera Real of the Andes, perennial drainage from abandoned tin and silver mines is polluting the main water supply of the capital city, La Paz.
The La Solucion area, also known as Colquecahua, is located within the Cordillera Real of Bolivia, a thick sequence of folded Lower Paleozoic sedimentary rocks intruded by younger granitoids.
The canyon, on the northern flank of Illimani in the Cordillera Real, plunges 5,084 feet from top to bottom and stretches 12,300 feet from rim to rim.