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 (kôr′dĭl-yĕr′əz, -dē-yĕ′räs)
The entire complex of mountain ranges in western North America, Mexico, Central America, and South America, extending from Alaska to Cape Horn.


(ˌkɔːdɪlˈjɛərəz; Spanish korðiˈʎeras)
pl n
(Placename) the Cordilleras the complex of mountain ranges on the W side of the Americas, extending from Alaska to Cape Horn and including the Andes and the Rocky Mountains


(ˌkɔr dlˈyɛər əz, -ˈɛər-, kɔrˈdɪl ər əz)
the entire chain of mountain ranges parallel to the Pacific coast, extending from Cape Horn to Alaska.
Cor`dil•le′ran, adj.
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Some occur among the Cordilleras of the Andes, where cities, and towns, and cultivated farms are to be seen eight thousand feet above the level of the sea.
gay king as he was, this position was a grand as the height of one of the loftiest peaks of the Cordilleras.
Did not Pizarro lead three hundred and fifty Spanish cavaliers and four thousand Indians into the far Cordilleras in search of treasure?
On the west, however, rise the Rocky Mountains, that immense range which, commencing at the Straights of Magellan, follows the western coast of Southern America under the name of the Andes or the Cordilleras, until it crosses the Isthmus of Panama, and runs up the whole of North America to the very borders of the Polar Sea.
We ascend the lofty peaks of the Cordillera and we find an alpine species of bizcacha; we look to the waters, and we do not find the beaver or musk-rat, but the coypu and capybara, rodents of the American type.
In a lofty valley of the Cordillera, near Mendoza, I found another spider with a singularly-formed web.
The Cordilleras Pavilion of the Department of Tourism-Cordillera was awarded the Best Regional Pavilion during the North Philippines Tourism & Travel Expo 2015 (NorthPhil 2015) held on November 13-15 at SM Clark Event Center in Clark, Pampanga.
First ornithological inventory and conservation assessment for the Yungas forests of the Cordilleras Cocapata and Mosetenes, Cochabamba, Bolivia.
There are plenty of stories that speak about the heroism and bravery of women in the Cordilleras.
Cordilleras is managing the evaluation of this property under an exploration and development agreement with Excellon.
This hiatus between the extreme localities and the fact that these records represent montane environments in several cordilleras suggest that S.
During the Strategic Planning Workshop for Health Leadership and Good Governance Program held recently, DOH-CAR OIC Regional Director Amelita Pangilinan reiterated that the Guiding Coalition Team was formulated to guide the management of DOH-CAR in the institutionalization of the HLGP in the region in order to address health inequities for a healthy Cordilleras.