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a.1.Of, or like, cord; having cords or cordlike parts.
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They often serve as a professional, independent voice, pushing the system to do better, Cordy said.
Ealing Trailfinders: Daniels; Callum Wilson, Cordy Reddin, Munro, Chesters; Bentley, Carter; Davis, Lawrence, Thiede, C Jones, Preocanin, York (capt), Ellis, Ryan.
Becky Knott, Carole Drury, David Harris and Nicole Cordy, of winning team Barker Brettell
Cordy Garcia, a lifelong resident of Albuquerque, died June 30.
A conditional tranches same purpose and same basis missions, complementary and other mission alone workshops pre high school cordy in SARLAT (excluded because of the firm phase) Maximum duration of strengthening of conditional phase: 24 months no PSE or variations allowed for the two tranches.
Author Cordy Tymstra presents students, academics, researchers, forestry professionals, and general interest readers with an examination of the people and environments impacted by the 1950 Chinchaga River forest fire in Northern Alberta and British Columbia.
Just as western Canada and the north-western United States are burning up, Cordy Tymstra tells us of the great fire of 1950 whose smoke drifted all the way to Washington, D.
To mark his 25th year of working with Lucite, jewelry designer Alexis Bittar--who's known for bright, sculptural pieces made of the plastic--commissioned artists Natasha Law, Juliette Losq, Cordy Ryman, and Mickalene Thomas to create works out of his signature material for a special collection.
It is beyond debate that, absent extraordinary circumstances, the identities of jurors empanelled to serve at criminal trials are presumptively public under long-standing Massachusetts law, practice, and tradition, even in high-profile and contentious cases,'' read the decision, authored by Justice Robert Cordy.
John Cordy had fired Khalsa into a 72nd-minute lead.
Buffalo defensive end Mark Anderson (knee) and offensive tackle Cordy Glenn (ankle) are out against Arizona.
Cordy, an American pitbull, had been bought as a "Staffordshire bull terrier" and was a family pet which had presented no problems, no complaints the court at Llandudno heard.