Core box

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(Founding) a box or mold, usually divisible, in which cores are molded.

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Tenders are invited for Construction Of Core Box Storage Building For FRFCF At Core Box Facility, IGCAR Kalpakkam
One half of the core was left in the original core box and stored in a secure location at the Roxgold camp within the Yaramoko area.
This machine, used with your core box ejection system, will remove the core from the tooling and places it on the conveyor belt shown above.
The diamond drill core is logged and sampled following general industry practices whereby logged and sample marked core is sawn in half, with one-half bagged and tagged for shipment to the assay laboratory and the remaining half of the sawn core returned to the core box for storage and future reference.
As a result, several other major manufacturers are now in discussions to build various models of BBTSolution enabled set top boxes with differing capabilities, from the core box now going into production, to ones limited in function, such as a DTA (digital terminal adapter) as well as those with DVR capability.
Walkden went on: "In our three-year plan we have had a news core box and new machinery.
The core box was realised using the same technology.
Prior to the price cuts announced on slower Power4+ chips, an eight core box using 1.
One half of the core is sent for assay to Skyline Assayers & Laboratories of Sparks, Nevada, while the other half is returned to the core box and stored at Relief Canyon in a secure, fenced-off, area.
The core box business has been good, steady growth," said Smith, "and it's really increased over the last 10 years.
Tenders are invited for Aluminium Core Box For 1000 Lbs.
Timmins, ON, P4R 0A2, while the other half is returned to the core box and stored at Prodigy's sampling facility in a secure, fenced off, area.