core competency

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core asset, core competency - A core asset is something essential to success, and a core competency is a distinguishing advantage.
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For the full Cancer Core Competency Pilot Project Evaluation Report, visit http://www.
Responsibilities and tasks in the core competency model focus on seven key areas for each management level: vision, goals and objective alignment, culture, resources, external environment, public policy and human resources.
It might be said that developing Airmen is too basic to be a core competency because it's inherent in our mission, we have to do it.
A core competency test should cover many manufacturing areas: shop math (including Pythagorean Theorem and trigonometry), knowledge of different tooling, reading blueprints, geometric tolerancing, turning and milling issues, programming codes, using offsets, and measuring parts.
Eppinger says that the initial stages of the project will rely heavily on IBM's consulting services to target the areas BMW needs to enhance to achieve core competency in electronics and software development.
Each core competency, however, has a capability continuum in which capabilities of increasing complexity are associated with more advanced positions.
These determinations in regard to core competency, a strong supply need, and its own new engine developments, led Mercury Marine to one decision: "We needed to refocus our casting efforts on the 5 Cs--primarily cylinder blocks and heads and crankcases--and increase our capacity for lost foam to accommodate current and future captive production as well as a push for non-captive work," said Dickirson.
As core competency and overall neuromuscular efficiency decreases as you fatigue, the stability of the kinetic chain is sacrificed.
Customer Value: A core competency must make a disproportionate contribution to customer-perceived value.
Insurance companies' core competency is the capacity to assume and distribute risk.
So, at the philosophical level, I think we're talking about different business models, and you're talking a different language when you talk about core competency and shareholder value creation.

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