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Noun1.Coregonidae - soft-finned fishes comprising the freshwater whitefishes; formerly included in the family Salmonidae
fish family - any of various families of fish
Isospondyli, order Isospondyli - most primitive teleost fishes; all are soft-finned: salmon; trout; herring; shad; sardines; anchovies; whitefish; smelts; tarpon
whitefish - silvery herring-like freshwater food fish of cold lakes of the northern hemisphere
Coregonus, genus Coregonus - type genus of the Coregonidae: whitefishes
genus Prosopium, Prosopium - whitefishes
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Morphology and life history of the Great Slave Lake Ciscoes (Salmoniformes: Coregonidae).
I choose not to follow the taxonomy of the Lake Constance coregonidae proposed by Maurice Kottelat and Jorg Freyhof in their Handbook of European Freshwater Fishes (Cornol: Kottelat, 2007) pp.
Given the delay in publication, we presume that the order for the fish paintings was partly Evermann's desire to support CBH while in Michigan, and probably for a study Evermann intended to undertake, given his interest in salmonids (at that time whitefishes were considered to belong in the family Coregonidae, separate from, but related to the Salmonidae).