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Noun1.Coreidae - squash bugs and leaf-footed bugs
arthropod family - any of the arthropods
Hemiptera, order Hemiptera - plant bugs; bedbugs; some true bugs; also includes suborders Heteroptera (true bugs) and Homoptera (e.g., aphids, plant lice and cicadas)
coreid, coreid bug - a true bug
Anasa, genus Anasa - squash bugs
genus Leptoglossus, Leptoglossus - leaf-footed bugs
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Stink bugs (Hemiptera: Coreidae and Pentatomidae) attack a variety of host plants and are a common and potentially severe pest of soybean (Glycine max [L.
Abstract--Nisoscolopocerus schuhi, new species, assigned to the family Coreidae (Coreini), is described from Mexico as the second member of the genus.
Blattodea Blattellidae Ischnoptera Blattodea Blattellidae Parcoblatta Hemiptera Aradidae Mezira Hemiptera Belostomatidae Lethocerus Hemiptera Berytidae Jalysus Hemiptera Coreidae Acanthocephala Hemiptera Coreidae Leptoglossus Hemiptera Corixidae Hesperocorixa Hemiptera Corixidae Sigara Hemiptera Corixidae Trichocorixa Hemiptera Gerridae Gerris Hemiptera Hydrometridae Hydrometra Hemiptera Lygaeidae Kleidocerys?
Of the various Heteroptera, including most of Scutelleridae, Pentatomidae, and Coreidae, it is standard for the colour of eggs to change during the embryogenesis in insects (Puchkova 1955; Hinton 1981; Javahery 1994; Candan 1997).
Key words: Insecta, Hemiptera, Heteroptera, Coreidae, Coreini, Vazquezitocoris, new species, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, key.
Sarcophagidae Unknown Heteroptera Coreidae Acanthocephala confraterna (Uhler) Homoptera Cercopidae Prosapia bicincta (Say) Cicadellidae Jikradia melanota (Spangberg) Unknown Flattidae Flatoidinus punctatus (Walker) Hymenoptera Apidae Apis mellifera Linnaeus ([dagger]) Evaniidae Hyptia reticulata (Say) Formicidae Solenopsis invicta Buren ([dagger]) Halictidae Augochloropsis metallica (Fabricius) ([dagger]) Pompilidae Psorthaspis mariae (Cresson) Sphecidae Hoplisoides sp.
Fifty percent of all species collected were from four families: Pentatomidae (16 species), Lygaeidae (14 species), Reduviidae (10 species), and Coreidae (8 species).