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 (kə-rĕl′ē, kō-), Arcangelo 1653-1713.
Italian violinist and composer who is remembered for his 12 concerti grossi, which shaped the development of the concerto.


1. (Biography) Arcangelo (arˈkandʒelo). 1653–1713, Italian violinist and composer of sonatas and concerti grossi
2. (Biography) Marie, real name Mary Mackay. 1854–1924, British novelist. Her melodramatic works include The Sorrows of Satan (1895) and The Murder of Delicia (1896)


(kɔˈrɛl i, koʊ-)

Arcangelo, 1653–1713, Italian violinist and composer.
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Noun1.Corelli - Italian violinist and composer of violin concertos (1653-1713)
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Yet here he was going about the country clipping small boys over the ear-hole, and flinging loaves of bread at bank-clerks as if he were Henry James or Marie Corelli.
For all her cleverness and culture, she was probably one of those soulless, atheistical women who have been so shown up by Miss Corelli.
Marie Corelli was a bestselling author - the most famous of her day.
FIGHTER: Amos Pampaloni on Cephalonia where he gave the order to fire on the Germans; HEART STRINGS: Stars Nicolas Cage and Penelope Cruz in a scene from the film Captain Corelli's Mandolin; RETURN: 58 years on and the real Captain Corelli revisits the island; SWEET: Amos's girlfriend Maria Stamatatos, a teacher's daughter
Although Nicolas is the grandson of composer Carmine Coppola, who won an Oscar for his score for The Godfather II , up until Corelli, he only knew how to appreciate it.
The Leeds firm have trimmed Owen McKenna's dog, formerly known as Senahel Sutton, into 25-1 from 40-1, joining the likes of National Puppy Stake winner Droopys Corelli on that mark.
Corelli, real name Mary MacKay, moved to the town at the end of the 19th century so her talents could blossom under Shakespeare's influence.
The concert will feature pieces written by Arcangelo Corelli and Javier Montiel.
David Miles isn't keen on running Droopys Corelli, so we'll concentrate on the home front.
In particular Captain Corelli seems to me to be a triangular love story in waiting, but two of the points in the triangle don't meet each other in the book.
Seduce your own Captain Corelli with this quick and easy salad.
The whole story is a love affair, a love affair between a father and a daughter, between Dr Iannis and Pelagia, a love affair between Pelagia and Corelli, a love affair between Carlo and Corelli.