Gulf of Corinth

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Noun1.Gulf of Corinth - inlet of the Ionian Sea between central Greece and the Peloponnesus
Ionian Sea - an arm of the Mediterranean Sea between western Greece and southern Italy
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The tremblor was recorded west of Athens at 6.02 am (0402 GMT) in the Corinthian Gulf, with assessments giving it a focal depth of 5 kilometres, the National Observatory of Athens said on its website.
He worked for two decades laying railroad tracks and cooking in kitchens from Chicago to El Paso before his homesickness got the better of him and he returned to his village near the Corinthian Gulf. There, with the money he'd saved, he built a nice home and started a family that included my father.
(1) The Isthmus of Corinth provided overland passage from southern to central Greece, and linked the Corinthian Gulf, leading to Italy and the west, with the Saronic Gulf, giving access to the Aegean Sea, Anatolia, and the Levant to the east (Fig.