n.1.A rival; a corrival.
v. t.1.To rival; to pretend to equal.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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All exercise tests were performed on an electronically braked cycle ergometer (Lode Corival Pediatric, Groningen, The Netherlands).
Functional capacity and power output were assessed by submaximal CPET, using a ramp protocol on a cycle ergometer with electromagnetic brake (LODE BV, Corival V2, Netherlands).
The peak oxygen consumption test (V[O.sub.2] peak) is an incremental test on the electromagnetically braked cycle ergometer (Corival, Lode, Groningen, The Netherlands) until exhaustion.
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CPET was performed on a cycle ergometer with electromagnetic braking (Quinton Corival 400, Seattle, WA, USA) whose seat was adjusted to allow approximately 5 to 10 degrees of knee flexion.
Cardiorespiratory fitness/work capacity was assessed by graded maximal exercise test on an electronically braked cycle ergometer (Lode Corival, The Netherlands) under the supervision of the study physician.
One week before each supplementation, peak oxygen consumption (V[O.sub.2] peak) was determined at 85% of maximum heart rate (HR max) by cycling ergometer (Corival, Lode B.V., Groningen, The Netherlands) at a room temperature of 25 [+ or -] 0.5[degrees]C, humidity 50 to 55% (Chanavirut et al.
Incremental tests, as well as running and cycling bouts, were performed using the T2100 GE treadmill system (General Electric Company, USA) and Lode Corival electromagnetic breaking cycle ergometer (Lode B.V., Groningen, Netherlands).