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Noun1.Corixa - type genus of the Corixidae: boat bugsCorixa - type genus of the Corixidae: boat bugs
arthropod genus - a genus of arthropods
boat bug, water boatman - carnivorous aquatic bug having paddle-like hind legs
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Graeme Ingram Evans and Gwyn Davies both used corixa patters and both caught three rainbows.
Reed co-founded Corixa Corporation (which later sold to GlaxoSmithKline) and Immune Design Corp.
Mick Brown caught 20 on a Corixa pattern, one above 10lb and two lovely brownies.
A cocktail of the three antibodies was prepared: a mouse monoclonal antibody (34[beta]E12, Dako) at a dilution of 1:50 was mixed with mouse monoclonal antibody, p63 (NeoMarkers, Fremont, CA) and rabbit monoclonal antibody AMACR (P504S, Corixa, Seattle, WA), each at a 0.5[micro]g/mL dilution.
Muller) Leonhardi Ulothrix flacca A (Dillwyn) Thuret Ulva intestinalis A 9 0.23 [+ or -] 1.14 Linnaeus Urospora A penicilliformis (Roth) Areschoug Amphibalanus S 30 0.55 [+ or -] 1.47 improvisus Darwin Asellus aquaticus H 5 < 0.01 (Linnaeus) Bithynia tentaculata H 7 0.04 [+ or -] 0.18 (Linnaeus) Cerastoderma glaucum S 25 0.28 [+ or -] 1.28 (Poiret) Family Chironomidae D 55 0.05 [+ or -] 0.27 Order Coleoptera C 2 < 0.01 Cordylophora caspia S (Pallas) Corixa Geoffroy C Corophium volutator D 2 0.02 [+ or -] 0.11 (Pallas) Cyanophthalma C 11 < 0.01 obscura (Schultze) Order Diptera C Dreissena polymorpha S (Pallas) Ecrobia ventrosa H 14 0.01 [+ or -] 0.06 (Montagu) Gammarus duebeni H Liljeborg Gammarus juv.
Produtos Grupo Fruto Consumidores Pao (kg) (1) Amigas do Cumbaru Escola APAE 15 Cerrado Casa da crianca 10 Escola Vitoria Regia 20 Escola Novo Oriente 30 Outros Mercados * Amigas da Pequi Escola de Clarinopolis 40 Fronteira Escola do Limao 15 Escola do Sapiqua 15 Escola da Corixa 10 Escola Corixinha 5 Outros Mercados * CEI Pequeno Polegar 3 CEI Francisco Cruz 5 CEI Vereador Edson -- A.
Top flies were: Bibio, Buzzers, Mini Goldhead, Corixa, Dawson's Olive, Orange Fritz and Olive Fritz.
The monophyly of the Corixidae including the Corixinae (Corixa affinis, Corixa punctata, Agraptocorixa hyalinipennis, and Hesperocorixa linnaei) and Stenocorixinae (Stenocorixa protrusa)(except for Cymatiainae (Cymatia coleoptrata)) is supported by one synapomorphy (32-7).
In one of the most productive lakes in Wales corixa, shrimp and rudd fry provide rich feeding for the wild brown and rainbow trout, which are generally reported to be in superb condition.
Figure 7 shows major companies holding patents on TB where Corixa Corporation is the principal and Sankt-Peterburg less deposits.
Top patterns are Bloodworm, Corixa, Cats Whisker, GRHE, Gold Head Damsel, black or olive Buzzer and White Minkies.