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a.1.Pertaining to, derived from, or resembling, the dogwood (Cornus florida).
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Cornic (2000) and Flexas and Medrano (2002) reported that due to chemical stress, stomatal closure takes place which limits photosynthesis.
The chl content is known to decrease as the relative water content and leaf water potential decreases (Lawlor and Cornic, 2002).
Under the livelihood component of the CEST, the Nalyawan Multi-Purpose Cooperative in Taloctoc was provided coffee roaster and grinder for their coffee processing; cooking utensils and LPG tank and stove for banana chips and cornic processing.
Therefore, the shortage of Pi in the cytoplasm limits the ATP synthesis (Lawlor & Cornic, 2002) and the release of Triose-P in the chloroplast, which can restrict of ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate synthesis (RuBP) and consequently lead to the limitation of photosynthesis.
2002) e LAWLOR & CORNIC (2002) nao renegam o impacto dos efeitos metabolicos sobre a atividade fotossintetica em plantas sob deficiencia hidrica, mas consideram que esta seja uma segunda linha de resposta, pois acreditam que a limitacao da fotossintese e principalmente devido a menor difusao de C[O.
2] a traves de los estomas (Cornic, 2000) o a la disminucion de algunos procesos metabolicos tales como: actividad Rubisco, eficiencia de carboxilacion (EC), contenido de RuBP y de ATP, actividad fotoquimica y transporte de electrones del fotosistema II (PSII) (Lawlor y Cornic, 2002; Tezara et al.
2004, 2007), and the alteration of photosynthetic metabolism (Lawlor and Cornic, 2002), or due to the oxidative stress.
Management student Florence Cornic, from Brittany, lives in Cathays.
Nesse tipo de estresse a fotossintese e geralmente reduzida, o que leva a uma diminuicao na producao e no consumo de fotoassimilados, alterando a particao de carboidratos nas folhas e na planta, como um todo (Lawlor & Cornic, 2002).
The silver medal of the competition, which is part of the 26th edition of "la Semaine du Cheval" (Horse Week), organized under the patronage of HM King Mohammed VI, went to Heidi Sjoholm, while Francois Cornic took the bronze.
There's also a decorative cornic and stairs with a decorative balustrade rising to the first floor accommodation.