Coromandel Coast

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Cor·o·man·del Coast

A region of southeast India bounded by the Bay of Bengal and the Eastern Ghats. The coast is known for its monsoons and turbulent waters.

Coromandel Coast

(Placename) the SE coast of India, along the Bay of Bengal, extending from Point Calimere to the mouth of the Krishna River

Cor′o•man′del Coast′

(ˈkɔr əˈmæn dl, ˈkɒr-, ˌkɔr-, ˌkɒr-)
a coastal region in SE India S of the Kistna River.
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The state has become the symbol of a new frontier that the BJP has opened and which involves grabbing majority of Parliamentary seats in the states lining the Coromandel coast and the north- east in the 2019 general elections.
The crew was tasked with invading Mauritius, but the operation was called off when the element of surprise was lost and the ship sailed to Fort St Davids on India's Coromandel Coast.
Another highlight is a vast 17th-century cotton wall-hanging from the Coromandel Coast, depicting Europeans in ruffs and doublets, attended by a dog.
They also possessed the Coromandel Coast colony of Sao Tome de Meliapor in what is now Chennai.
It was on the Coromandel coast and had a natural creek.
How: Located on the Coromandel Coast, a short drive out of Pondicherry, you can reach Dune in about 15 minutes from the Auroville beach.
Located on the Coromandel coast off the Bay of Bengal, it is the biggest industrial and commercial centre in South India, and a major cultural, economic and educational centre.
The Coromandel Coast is found on the coast on which Asian country?
After his arrival on the Coromandel Coast of south India in 1776, William Roxburgh spent 17 years there before his departure for Calcutta in 1793.
There are two separate areas of the Coromandel coast that are part of a single claim by Ngati Porou ki Hauraki.
Ennore Port, one of the country s major ports, is located on the Coromandel Coast around 24-km north of Chennai Port, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
The book includes chapter-length case studies of India, Ceylon, Batavia, and the Coromandel Coast.