Corona Australis

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Co·ro·na Aus·tra·lis

(kə-rō′nə ô-strā′lĭs)
A constellation in the Southern Hemisphere near Telescopium and Sagittarius. Also called Southern Crown.

[Latin Corōna austrālis : corōna, crown + austrālis, southern.]

Corona Australis

n, Latin genitive Coronae Australis (kəˈrəʊniː)
(Astronomy) a small faint constellation in the S hemisphere between Ara and Pavo
[literally: Southern crown]

Co•ro•na Aus•tra•lis

(kəˈroʊ nə ɔˈstreɪ lɪs)

n. gen. Co•ro•nae Australis (kəˈroʊ ni)
the Southern Crown, a constellation touching the southern part of Sagittarius.
[< Latin: literally, southern crown]
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