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Noun1.Coropuna - a mountain peak in the Andes in Peru (21,083 feet high)Coropuna - a mountain peak in the Andes in Peru (21,083 feet high)
Peru, Republic of Peru - a republic in western South America; achieved independence from Spain in 1821; was the heart of the Inca empire from the 12th to 16th centuries
Andes - a mountain range in South America running 5000 miles along the Pacific coast
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Especie registrada unicamente en el nevado Coropuna en base al ejemplar tipo, recolectado por la Expedicion de la Universidad de Yale en 1911.
Entre los principales eventos de avalanchas de escombros reconocidos se tienen los ocurridos en los volcanes: Hualca Hualca (Gi?1/2mez et al., 2004), Firura y Coropuna (Gi?1/2mez et al., 2012), Ticsani (Marii?1/2o & Thouret, 2003) y Tutupaca (Manrique, 2013).
In the case of the other two suyus, the huacas appear without vestments or personal adornments, as we see in Figure 19 which represents an inhabitant of Contisuyu adoring his huaca; the latter also is not wearing a vestment or headdress and is at the top of Coropuna Volcano.
168: 31-38, 2014 y "Societes andines et changements environnementaux depuis 4 000 ans dans la region du Nevado Coropuna (sud du Perou)" (en coautoria).
The acquisition in Latin America provides Starlight with four geothermal licenses totalling 328 square kilometres in Peru, including the Tambochaca, Pumahuiri, Sengata and Coropuna projects.