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Noun1.color scheme - a planned combination of colorscolor scheme - a planned combination of colors; "the color scheme for this room was determined by an interior decorator"
combination - a collection of things that have been combined; an assemblage of separate parts or qualities
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Symbols, like a corporate dress code, somehow impact the disposition of the people wearing it.
One might have been reminded, on the one hand, of such figures as Rene Magritte, whose closet boasted rows of identically officious, anti-bohemian suits, and on the other, of those Madison Avenue "creatives" featured on shows like Mad Men, who felt compelled to disrupt the corporate dress code with arty touches.
When I was younger and working as a junior executive in a big company at Ayala Avenue, Makati, we had to follow a corporate dress code.
While there have been no court cases involving hair policies in Canada, racial bias is evident in "no cornrows" corporate dress code policies.
What happens when corporate dress codes collide with religious beliefs or ethnic traditions?
In many workplaces, it's casual everyday as corporate dress codes have gone the way of fedoras and white gloves.
Here three prominent figures from the Northern business community give some advice and opinions on corporate dress codes.
There are two levels of business attire: Business professional (the most conservative corporate dress) and informal business professional (a more relaxed version of the business professional look).

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