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"Singh contends that the Minister's creation by the Minister of Finance (Incorporation) Act and the fact that it is organized as a corporation sole do not distinguish this case.
Sir Peter has been charged as the "corporation sole" for the force, a legal status that means he is a representative of GMP but does not share criminal liability.
Specifically, we argue the Queen of Canada's status as a corporation sole undermines the federal government's interpretation of the law and constitutionality of royal succession in Canada.
Greater Manchester Chief Constable Sir Peter Fahy is accused of failing to discharge a duty under the Health and Safety at Work Act as he is "corporation sole" for the force, the Crown Prosecution Service said yesterday.
He is accused under the Health and Safety at Work Act as "corporation sole" for the force, the Crown Prosecution Service said.
He faces the rap as the "corporation sole" for the force, says the Crown Prosecution Service.
A pastor's use of a "corporation sole" structure to avoid "government interference" and a vow of poverty were not enough to shelter his income from federal tax, the Tax Court held in a recent decision.
Federal tax liens partially released Hope Springs, Summer Hill Freedom Trust, BC Trust, corporation sole as the nominee, alter ego and transferee of Maire E.
But most prefer the corporation sole model whereby the ordinary holds legal title to all assets in the diocese.
tersely notes: "Unfortunately, the condemnation of lay trusteeism also meant the end of an official lay voice in the church." The "corporation sole" approach to church ownership, by which property is held exclusively in the name of the bishop, brought a certain tidiness, but also a centralization of episcopal authority that produced, as Carey notes, "a kind of episcopacy that had, as the trustees repeatedly charged, few institutional lay restraints upon episcopal powers."
Church parishes, for instance, should be treated as entrepreneurial, despite the fact that many parishes are organized according to a "corporation sole" (55) structure that is unique to religious entities (56) and that defies dear classification.

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