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 (kôr′mən, kôrz′mən)
1. An enlisted person in the US Navy, serving either with the Navy or the Marines, who has been trained to give first aid and basic medical treatment, especially in combat situations.
2. A member of a government-sponsored group designated as a corps: Peace Corpsmen.


n, pl -men
(Military) military US a medical orderly or stretcher-bearer


(ˈkɔr mən, ˈkoʊr-)

n., pl. -men.
1. an enlisted person in the U.S. Navy working as a pharmacist or hospital assistant.
2. an enlisted person in the Medical Corps of the U.S. Army who gives first aid to the wounded on the battlefield.
3. a member of any corps, as of the Peace Corps.
[1940–45, Amer.]
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A billet once reserved for Navy corpsmen, logistics specialists are responsible for ensuring the FMF and the Navy Medical Corps have the necessary Class VIII medical and dental supplies and equipment to carry out the Marine Corps mission.
When soldiers are wounded in battle their first cries are for "Doc," the Army medics or Navy corpsmen first responders trained to handle almost anything but surgery.
The Marines knew I was no doctor, but in most cases, my fellow corpsmen and I were the closest thing to one.
Navy nurses also have a large responsibility in teaching corpsmen, who provide much of the bedside care.
Expanding a pilot program to bring combat medics and corpsmen into VA facilities as clinicians.
Calling it "an evil and cruel attack, intended to cause death, destruction, and emotional devastation," Judge Royce Lamberth awarded the 62 relatives of six Marines and two Navy corpsmen $454 million, the latest setback for Iran in a flurry of cases dating back to 2001.
Navy doctors, nurses and medical corpsmen rotate through Stroger because its trauma unit is one of the busiest in the U.
military sales for Remote Diagnostic Technologies, visited Camp Pendleton during the testing to work with MCWL and the Field Medical Training Battalion corpsmen to demonstrate the Tempus Pro's capabilities and discuss possible improvements.
The litter bearers bring the litter to Bay 6 where they are met by doctors, nurses, and corpsmen who transfer the patient from the litter to the bed.
For example, flight crews or corpsmen who are frequently on land, but routinely return to the ship are not eligible.
I was called to do a second tour of duty in Iraq in 2005 and served as the Navy medical officer with 19 highly trained Navy corpsmen assigned to a Marine Corps reconnaissance battalion.
They describe medical battalions, surgeons, corpsmen, naval support activity hospitals, the ravages of Khe Sanh and Danang, malaria, smallpox, typhus, rabies, infectious hepatitis and the process of mending.