Corpus Christi Bay

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Cor′pus Chris′ti Bay′

a bay in S Texas at the mouth of the Nueces River.
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The South Texas Gateway Terminal will be constructed on a 212 acre waterfront parcel at the mouth of Corpus Christi Bay. The facility is positioned to serve as the primary outlet for crude oil and condensate volumes delivered off of the planned Gray Oak pipeline from the Permian Basin.
Some of the worst beaches in this regard are in the areas of Galveston, Corpus Christi Bay, Matagorda Peninsula, Freeport Harbor and Bolivar Peninsula, ( Click 2 Houston reported.
Lined seahorses (19 fish caught in seven different months) were more common in Corpus Christi Bay than dwarf seahorses (four fish caught in three months), and the reverse was true in the upper Laguna Madre.
There was dredging in Corpus Christi Bay from February 1992 to June 1992 (R.
The following is a listing of the benthic marine macroalgal species from the Corpus Christi Bay area of Texas: SPECIES REFERENCE HAB/SYS/ABUN DIVISION RHODOPHYTA CLASS RHODOPHYCEAE SUBCLASS BANGIOPHYCIDAE ORDER PORPHYRIDALES PORPHYRIDIACEAE Chroodactylon ornatum (C.
The influences of freshwater inflow from the river and saline water from Corpus Christi Bay entering through the causeway are quite evident from the isohalines.
The project would be constructed on the shoreline of Corpus Christi Bay near Ingleside, TX, on a site owned by the applicants' parent company, Occidental Chemical Corp.
The property is superbly located right on Corpus Christi Bay, covers an area of about two square kilometers, and provides direct sea access for large ships.
Current status and historical trends of seagrass in the Corpus Christi Bay National Estuary Program area.
Tenders are invited for the work consists of excavating material from designated areas and conveying to and filling the material into a remote offshore site in corpus christi bay, and shaping to create mitigation and/or protection berms within the specified template; preparation of planting plans for and the planting of smooth cord grass, spartina alterniflora, and shoal grass, halodule wrightii; post-plant monitoring of the planted vegetation, including preparation of monitoring plans, reports, and replanting, if necessary; protection of the environment; erosion control; construction surveying; and cleanup.
(AV-5) USS CORPUS CHRISTI BAY, May 16-18, 2004, Washington, DC, Contact Ron Reid, Phone (860) 267-2825, Email
One exception was the south coast of Texas (Corpus Christi Bay and the upper and lower Laguna Madre), which formed a weakly supported clade.

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