Standard English

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Standard English

The variety of English that is generally acknowledged as the model for the speech and writing of educated speakers, especially when contrasted with speech varieties that are limited to or characteristic of a certain region or social group.

Stand′ard Eng′lish

the English language in its most widely accepted form, as written and spoken by educated people in both formal and informal contexts, having universal currency while incorporating regional differences.

standard English

ninglese m standard
References in classic literature ?
I beg your pardon: correct English is the slang of prigs who write history and essays.
And" and "ing," with the "d" and "g" pronounced emphatically, he went over thousands of times; and to his surprise he noticed that he was beginning to speak cleaner and more correct English than the officers themselves and the gentleman-adventurers in the cabin who had financed the expedition.
To the hurrahs which greeted him he replied by a graceful bow; then, waving his hands to request silence, he spoke in perfectly correct English as follows:
At first Meriem had puckered her narrow, arched, little eye brows as though trying to force recollection of something all but forgotten which the new words suggested, and then, to her own astonishment as well as to that of her teacher she had used other French words than those in the lessons--used them properly and with a pronunciation that the English woman knew was more perfect than her own; but Meriem could neither read nor write what she spoke so well, and as My Dear considered a knowledge of correct English of the first importance, other than conversational French was postponed for a later day.
The prison authorities had noticed that the postmark was 'Lambeth,' and that the address on the outside, though expressed in correct English, was, in form, oddly at variance with the customary method of directing a letter.
I inherit correct English from my mother--a cultivated person, who married beneath her.
It is a shame," I heard Johnson growling in painfully slow and correct English.
With the calibre of some of their trainers who cannot even construct a single correct English sentence, Chris adds, one would not have expected anything different.
Blasting off its incorrect English, she stressed that she is always watchful of her use of correct English grammar and will never commit such an obvious mistake.
Our purpose is to help students improve their spelling, increase their vocabularies, learn concepts and develop correct English language usage that will help them all their lives, said Paige Kimble, executive director of the Scripps National Spelling Bee.
Simple and correct English is required to secure high marks adding that the students of Sindh province are not lagging behind in talent.
Those of us who proudly refer to "our mom" are constantly chided that the correct English diminutive for mother is 'mum' and that the word that we speak is an Americanism.