Correlation of forces

the relation between the forces which matter, endowed with various forms of energy, may exert.

See also: Correlation

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Crackenthorp, who blinked and nodded, and seemed to intend a smile, which, by the correlation of forces, went off in small twitchings and noises.
However, propelled by the tri-polar contest between the US, China and Russia, the correlation of forces in South Asia is in flux.
At the Military Intelligence Captains Career Course, one way that instructors help mitigate students' lack of experience in wargaming is by providing a digital product called a "Correlation of Forces (COF) Calculator" to adjudicate combat engagements.
A correlation of forces (COF) calculator is a tool used to help planners compare the relative combat power of k two forces and estimate the outcome of engagements between them.
CONSERVATIVE HISTORIANS, BY CONTRAST, believe Reagan faced Kremlin leaders who had every reason to think the correlation of forces was shifting in their direction.
This correlation shows that it is not possible to use the reference values of the original TCST to the adapted TCST, since the correlation of forces between the test is not strong.
When objective circumstances and the correlation of forces (to use two old-fashioned concepts) permit, citizens spring into action.
For wars to start, aggressor nations don't have to be right about the correlation of forces. They just have to think they are.
Another factor in the recent successes of the left in Latin America has been a more favorable correlation of forces. Overall there has been a decline of the power and prestige of the United States in that region.
To understand the current "correlation of forces," as the Russians like to say, let's look at some evidence about American economic power gathered by Goldman Sachs last month in its 2015 outlook titled "U.S.
Second, it resorted to armed force because it believed the correlation of forces presented a dangerously short window of opportunity to destroy the ROV once and for all.
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