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cor′respond′ing an′gles
two nonadjacent angles made by the crossing of two lines by a third line, one angle being interior, the other exterior, and both being on the same side of the third line.
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Ascent trajectory and the corresponding angle of attack curves of the two cases are shown in Figures 1 and 2, respectively.
Tracing the ray backwards down into the stone, the corresponding angle of incidence, i', can be calculated.
A corresponding angle will be cut on the breech/tenon shoulder.
The galvanometer is driven by a servomotor and rotates to a corresponding angle. The servomotor is controlled by voltage signal.
Equation (4) was used to find the integrated scattering cross sections between 0[degrees] and the corresponding angle, [theta], subtended by the detector with respect to the scatterer at position P2.
Assume there are only two time series on the interval [p,q], their corresponding angle series are [A.sub.1] = {[[alpha].sub.1]([t.sub.2]), [[alpha].sub.1]([t.sub.3]), ..., [[alpha].sub.1]([t.sub.n- 1])} and [A.sub.2] = {[[alpha].sub.2]([t.sub.2]), [[alpha].sub.2]([t.sub.3]), ..., [[alpha].sub.2]([t.sub.n-1])}, respectively; set the following formula as the increment function of the corresponding angle series from [t.sub.k-1] to [t.sub.k]:
Each of these figures includes three trend lines between LAI and NDRI or ERVI for winter wheat of different canopy structures at the corresponding angle. To accurately invert LAI of winter wheat, it is required to find a solution for allowing the trend lines between LAI and both NDRI and ERVI to as close to
In Column 2, labeled Time (s), we found the time by entering equation (10) and using Column 1 values for the launch angle within the equation (formula), thus computing the shirt flight time for each corresponding angle in Column 1.
Most students measured the angle [theta] in the position where it is shown in Figure 2, though some chose the corresponding angle formed between the straight line and the x-axis.
This inverse kinematics will be executed at each point on the straight line to find the corresponding angle of each joint that forms the end effector's desired positioning.
From the equation (6) there is also possible to derive corresponding angle for the tangent deviation [alpha]:

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