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cor′respond′ing an′gles
two nonadjacent angles made by the crossing of two lines by a third line, one angle being interior, the other exterior, and both being on the same side of the third line.
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Tracing the ray backwards down into the stone, the corresponding angle of incidence, i', can be calculated.
A corresponding angle will be cut on the breech/tenon shoulder.
Each of these figures includes three trend lines between LAI and NDRI or ERVI for winter wheat of different canopy structures at the corresponding angle.
In Column 2, labeled Time (s), we found the time by entering equation (10) and using Column 1 values for the launch angle within the equation (formula), thus computing the shirt flight time for each corresponding angle in Column 1.
Terms to be parallel, half line, angle, interior angle, defined corresponding angle, degrees of an angle, the same side, segment, 180[degrees] Undefined terms straight line, same, rotation, point
Most students measured the angle [theta] in the position where it is shown in Figure 2, though some chose the corresponding angle formed between the straight line and the x-axis.
From the equation (6) there is also possible to derive corresponding angle for the tangent deviation [alpha]:
Measure an angle of the image (the dilated polygon) and the corresponding angle on the pre image (the original polygon).
A locking angle, machined into the piston, engages a corresponding angle machined on a linchpin to provide mechanical locking between the two surfaces.
The altitude and the corresponding angle of attack have been determined and entered in Table 1.
From the equation (2) there is also possible to derive corresponding angle for the tangent deviation [alpha]:
When a coordinate pair is searched in the dictionary, the pair that has the lowest Euclidian distance to the searched pair is considered as the best match and corresponding angles are used to construct the joint angle.

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