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1. A hornless sheep of a breed developed in New Zealand and Australia, raised for its meat and dense wool.
2. The wool of this sheep.

[After Corriedale, the sheep run in New Zealand where development of the breed was begun in the 1860s.]


(Breeds) a breed of sheep reared for both wool and meat, originally developed in New Zealand and Australia
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were the Corriedale breed of sheep originally developed?
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Consecuentemente, en Argentina es preponderante el perfil de doble proposito (lana/carne), privilegiando razas como Corriedale, Rommey Marsh, Lincoln y Criolla (52% del total de las existencias ovinas del pais) por sobre otras netamente carniceras como Hampshire Down y Texel.
Some major medium wool breeds such as the Corriedale are dual purpose crosses of long and fine-wooled breeds and were created for high-production commercial flocks.
Identified two SNP in intron 1 of the BMP15 gene in corriedale sheep kashmir valley sheep.