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n.1.Anything that corrodes.
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For example Bromide ion is one of such corrodent and it is present in sea water in a measurable concentration but not accounted in salt spray test.
Aux egoismes de tous genres qui corrodent les liens du vivre ensemble, nous opposerons un projet de societe base sur la mutualisation et le partage.
The adsorption bond strength is dependent on the composition of the metal, corrodent, inhibitor structure, concentration, and orientation as well as temperature.
Organic corrosion inhibitors [43-44] may function by (a) chemisorptions of the molecule on a metallic surface, (b) complexing of the molecule with the metal ion, which remains in a solid state, (c) neutralizing the corrodent and (d) adsorbing the corrodent.
Il s'agit d'analyser le langage standardise que repercutent a l'infini les rapports des experts, l'emphase dans laquelle beaucoup sont tombes en pretendant exporter les droits humains, et la patine cynique derriere laquelle les acteurs se defendent des angoisses qui corrodent l'illusion humanitaire sous couvert de laquelle ils operent.
6, it would be seen that the pH of the corrodent decreased as the immersion time increased indicating that enhancement in the rate of corrosion as the period of immersion increase was due to increase in acidity.