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Noun1.Corticium - genus of fungi having simple smooth sporophores; some are parasitic on wood or economic crops; some species formerly placed in form genus Rhizoctinia
fungus genus - includes lichen genera
family Thelephoraceae, Thelephoraceae - fungi having leathery or membranous sporophores
Corticium salmonicolor, pink disease fungus - fungus causing pink disease in citrus and coffee and rubber trees etc
bottom rot fungus, Corticium solani - fungus causing bottom rot in lettuce
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Nguyen, "Ultrafine Copper Nanoparticles Exhibiting a Powerful Antifungal / Killing Activity Against Corticium Salmonicolor," Bull.
The antifungal effect of AgNPs stabilized in chitosan has been studied on pathogen fungi such as Colletotrichum [8] and Corticium salmonicolor [9].
The species was first described by Jackson in 1948 [30] as Corticium definitum H.
Botryobasidium, Corticium, Ramaricium, Septobasidium, Subulicystidium, Tulasnella), having little topology but growing to cover a large area, are included among the maerofungi following mycological tradition.
(6) Major fungal diseases of rice crop are Blast (Magnaporthe grisea Briosi and Cavara), Brown spot (Helminthosporium oryzae Brenda de Haan), False smut (Claviceps oryzae), Bunt (Neovossia horrida ), Sheath rot (Sarocladium oryzae Sawada), Sheath blight (Rhizactonia solani), Stem rot (Sclerotium oryzae Cattaneo), Bakane disease or Foot rot (Fusarium moniliformie) and seedling blight (Corticium rolfsii Curzi).
club root on brassicas dollar spot due to Corticium and Fusarium spp in turfs grey mould in vines rice blast (Pyricularia oryzaei) in rice and sigatoka disease in bananas.
A new stigmastane type steroidal alkaloid 4-acetoxy-plakinamine B isolated from a Thai marine sponge Corticium sp.
gloeosporiodies (Glomerella cingulata), Pestalotia mangiferae, Phoma sp., Scleratium (Corticium) rolfsii, Rhizoctonia solani, Diplodia sp.
Vertical transmission of diverse microbes in the tropical sponge Corticium sp.