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n.1.(Min.) A curvet.
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[2.] Corvetto M, Bravo M, Montana R, Utili F, Escudero E, Boza C, et al.
Medical simulation programs related to BBN are reported in the literature (Corvetto & Taekman, 2013; Leighton, 2009); however few specifically help facilitate residents or medical students' (trainees) emotional vulnerability when debriefing emotionally charged simulations.
There is a trend in medical simulation to allow simulated patients to ask questions, to cry out, and even die (e.g., Corvetto & Taekman, 2013; Leighton, 2009).
Under this scenario, Manuel Salazar Corvetto, the General Manager at Corporacion Jose R.
And passing through Via Roma off the Piazza Corvetto we found Genoa's classiest shops alongside the Galleria Mazzini.