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The act or practice of dressing in costume, often homemade, to resemble or portray a fictional character, especially from science fiction, fantasy, manga, or anime.
v. cos·played, cos·play·ing, cos·plays
To engage in cosplay.
To portray (a character) through cosplay: She cosplayed her favorite superhero at a comic book convention.

cos′play·er n.


(ˈkɒsˌpleɪ; ˈkɒz-)
a recreational activity in which people interact with one another while dressed as fictional characters
[C20: shortened from costume play]
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Summary: Many African-American cosplayers believe groups tend to isolate non-white cosplayers, but the Marvel superhero film is changing that
Cosplayers posing as Black Panther and his sister Shuri graced the event as the crowd grew thicker and the sound of the eye-catching trailer played louder on two big screens.
There were literally kilometers of book shelves surrounded by a mob of book lovers (if book lovers could ever behave like a mob), along with cosplayers on the sidelines, children getting lost in the playground attractions, and queues of customers dragging along wheeled suitcases, the better to carry out their purchases.
There's also going to be a cosplay competition, judged by other local and international cosplayers, and gaming tournaments hosted by some of the biggest gaming companies in the world who will also showcase what they have in the works.
As a group, we want cosplay to thrive because despite the fact that we are not the first cosplayers in Qatar, our intention remains clean -- to revive cosplay in a time when it is almost unfamiliar in the country, and to make it known to everyone that yes, there is this community here, and it's expanding steadily.
Dozens of cosplayers took the stage for the Pinoy Litratista's Cosplay Competition.
Calling all gamers, cosplayers, superheroes, sidekicks, movie buffs and citizens - come together and join the video games, movies and pop culture community at the IGN Convention in Dubai.
Second, cosplayers gather at some social setting, usually conventions, but also competitions, photography sessions, themed parties, clubs, and online groups.
This will appeal to cosplayers, geeks, and anyone who likes a good, finding-yourself relationship story--Jane Van Wiemokly.
There's sure to loads of cosplayers in attendance, dressed as their favourite sci-fi characters and superheroes.
More petite cosplayers can check out this similar pair (https://www.
It's a cute contraction of the words costume play, a hobby in which participants called cosplayers wear costumes and fashion accessories to represent a specific character, mostly from the gaming and comic world.